Saturday, December 05, 2009

Oh, how very British

Today Meadow, Logan and I went to a lovely Cream Tea in the Little Red Church. We were served yummy scones with cream and jelly, and several delicious cups of tea in china tea cups!
Proper British children drinking their tea. They loved going to a tea party!

And here's Grandma Cooke, who put this all together! It was done as a donation fund raiser for the school. She and Marge Fowler painted lots of ornaments which they had for sale for the school too. The whole thing was very well done, and lots of people came!


gladbooks said...

That looks like a lot of fun! It's nice that your kids can experience some British activities. Chris did a nice job!

gma john said...

The little red church is the perfect location for a tea house! This event went SO well, with so many people in the church helping in various capacities! Over $2,000 was brought in from sales of ornaments and some of Denny's tea cups and linens. Many folks from the community came, which was one of the goals.