Monday, August 02, 2010

New stuff

A few nights ago, Logan accepted Jesus into his heart! At bedtime I was reading a story that mentioned sinners going into eternity. I know, it doesn't really sound like a bedtime story, and I was even thinking it was a bit above him, but as I explained what that meant, he started asking questions about Heaven, which led to him wanting to ask Jesus to come into his heart. (That's the short version anyway.) This picture is just after. He was excited. One morning recently, I was awakened by Meadow saying, "Mommy, I need help. Ashlen's milk is exploding everywhere." As I sleepily tried to figure out what she was talking about, I suddenly realized she meant "in the microwave!" I ran upstairs and sure enough, there in the microwave, with a time of 12 minutes remaining, was a burned and melting mess! I forgave her though. Sweetly, she had decided to try to make breakfast, and had poured herself some milk, and tried to warm some up for Ashlen. :)
We just had a fun week with Auntie Christy here for a visit! She has her own lights that she balances on her head. It's the new fashion in Seattle. And we are about to repaint our peeling house. These are the new colors we tested out tonight. Pear Green with Espresso trim! Or we could stick with white trim. Do you like it? Which looks better? (pretty sure we're going with brown.)