Friday, November 23, 2007

The Feast

This year we celebrated Thanksgiving on Wednesday because Matthew had to work Thursday night. We had 21 people including babies (8 kids total, all 6 yrs. and under) over to my parents house. It was a very nice time. This is the group we've gathered with for most Thanksgivings over the last 16 years. Now they're all leaving us. How sad.
The kid table. The kids were all very good!The Grandparents table.
The littlest turkeys, celebrating their 1st Thanksgiving!
Abby and Brennen

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Places We Go

Here's some nice pictures of some of our favorite places to get out and walk.
"The Totempoles" (Totem Bight) is one of Meadow and Logan's favorites.
Brennen likes cozy walks too!
Along the trail, Meadow found this tree "family" which she always stops to say hi to, and give each one a hug and kiss!

Ward Lake is another wonderful spot! The campgrounds, now that they're closed, are a good little kid distance to walk, although I'm sure Meadow would have no trouble running around the whole lake!

Meadow the naturalist, loves to tell us all about the signs, and the trees along the way!

Sometimes we bring Gramma and Grampa with us! A great place for the kids to have a quick run on the way home from town is Alder Park, just above the Pioneer Home. I was impressed- it was very clean!
So there's my advice if you need a nice kid safe place to go, or a nice place to walk.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

At the lake

Yesterday was a lovely day for a walk around the campground at Ward Lake. Logan ran almost the whole way! Meadow enjoyed moving big sticks off the trail, and Brennen slept curled up in his sling. Then they splashed in a mud puddle. We even saw a lady dressed in a tiger suit. (I don't think the kids noticed because she had a coat on.)