Thursday, November 30, 2006

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Well, it snowed and snowed and snowed! We have about 14 inches at our house! It's very beautiful. I wish I could go out in it more. Meadow enjoyed it for about 20 minutes, but then got cold since she refuses to wear her gloves! I sort of made a snow horse using an igloo block mold. (That's why it's so wide. It started out as an igloo!)
Today I also put up our tree and decorations. Meadow was in awe. Seeing Christmas lights from her room, she woke up from her nap saying "Ohh Pretty!!" then held up some of her toys to the tree so they could see it. This is Logan's first Christmas, and he likes the lights too, but he immediately started trying to grab them. I think it's good that he's not crawling yet!

Friday, November 24, 2006


Our names were very fitting for our Thanksgiving gathering! Cook Bird, Add-a-berry (Atteberry), and eaT 'im! HAHAHA. Yes, we were joined by Sarah & Eric, Chris & Kirsten, and Tim Lindseth at the home of my parents (who are with Christy in Seattle). We had fun. All the cooking went pretty smoothly, and tasted very good! Sarah and I were the main cooks, and found working it all out with two babies who need nursing and other mommy attentions to be quite a challenge! I decided to start a family tradition this year. I made a Thanksgiving banner which we will add to each year! I had everyone sign it and write something they are thankful for. Meadow and Logan made handprint turkeys on it and I will add an iron-on transfer of our group photo. As the years go by it will be fun to see who we gathered with and what they wrote! This idea came to me last night so I was up till 2 AM getting it ready! I'll post a picture of it once I get the picture on. Here's a pic of us making it.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Lots of Snow

Here's Logan's first time in the snow! He was happy for a while, but then started fussing. I tried to show Meadow how to make a snowman, but she was more interested in taking it apart! As you can see in one of the pictures, she's feeding the stick arm to Bingo who quickly chomped it up!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Back from Bellevue

We spent the weekend with Christy one last time in Bellevue. Tomorrow she moves in to her new condo in Kent. We had a good time. We went shopping and Matthew got some tools. Matthew and I got to go out on a date again. We ate at the Cheesecake Factory again and had extremely delicious avocado eggrolls. Then we went to see the movie Stranger Than Fiction which was stranger than fiction. Actually it was good. It has Derek Linder's identical twin in it! He's a little smaller than Derek and has different glasses, but if you watch it you'll definitely know who I'm talking about! Anyway we had a nice time. The two pics of Meadow have words on them. Click on them to enlarge so you can read what that's about. She was just so cute! She loves her new pink cowgirl boots which she picked out herself! She wears them all the time. How did I end up with such a fashionable daughter?!

First OFFICAL snow

Well, here's the picture to verify the first snow, which fell on November 11. I guess that makes my mom the winner.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Snow Bets

It's time to make the traditional snow bet! Guess when the first snow falls and actually sticks! The traditional judging point has been my parents deck, but since everyone is old and grown and scattered about our lovely island, just guess when it will stick at your house. You'll have to be honest! ha ha. If you are a winner, be sure to say so!


Just having fun with photoshop!