Thursday, September 27, 2007

Conspiracy Theory

What happens when the unsuspecting mommies get together...

You just can't plan...

Well, today I was supposed to be induced, but apparently the full moon brought in many other pregos, and the hospital is full! So who knows when I'll have Spud! They said maybe tomorrow, but I'm thinking I might just leave the inducing till Sunday, which was the original plan, and allow more time for it to happen naturally! Sorry everyone planning my shower! It will have to be changed again!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Well Ugh.

I just had a Drs. appointment, and it seems things are not progressing!!! I think my body doesn't know how to go into labor on it's own. I was induced for the other two, and I'm now scheduled for induction on Sunday. Sept. 30th. That's actually the next interesting date I was hoping for because then our kids birthdays would be on the 10th. 20th, and 30th! I feel better than ever, so I guess I don't mind long as Spud doesn't end up being a 9 or 10 pounder! Yikes!!

UPDATE: My inducing date has been moved up to Thursday, the 27th! So I guess we'll be seeing Spud in two days! Tomorrow is a full moon, which is supposed to make everyone who is due go into labor, so it may be even earlier! Hopefully they won't run out of room! There's only 5 rooms, and 7 or 8 people due by the end of September!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Last day of Summer

Today is Spud's due date, but a grand appearance is not looking likely. We went for a nice walk today, which caused some good contractions, but when I stopped, they stopped! Meadow wore her new rain boots and enjoyed splashing in every single puddle along the way! Maybe Spud will come out tomorrow, the first day of Autumn. What do you think of the name Autumn Rain? Maybe if it's tomorrow we should switch to that name instead of Ashlen. What's better?

Friday, September 21, 2007

Patience, Patience

Well, no Spud yet. I've decided to stop being inpatient, and just enjoy these last few days with two kids, a nice predictable schedule, fairly easy shopping trips, quiet evenings, and somewhat restful nights (if I find a comfortable position)! I actually have felt better this week than I've felt in months! -More energy, and my sciatic nerve pain is mostly gone! (It's a nerve in the lower back that gets pressed on by the baby, causing sharp back and pelvic pains). Maybe Spud just wants to be punctual, and will be born tomorrow on the due date! This is just a cute picture of the highlight of shopping at A&P...saying hi to the cheetah! As soon as we drive into the parking lot, Logan starts saying "Cheetah! Cheetah! Cheetah!"

Saturday, September 08, 2007


Today is an interesting date...09/08/07. I had big hopes for Spuddy to be born today, but I doubt that's going to happen in the next 10 hours! But, you never know! Oh well. maybe we'll sell our car today instead. That would be nice! Somebody is coming to see it this evening.
Happy 9/8/7!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Who's Gonna Pop First?

It's a race!
We're two big mommas due on the same day!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

It's September now

Thanks for all the baby bets! I'll try to think of a good prize for the winner! Dirty Diaper Duty perhaps?
I have good news to report: Meadow is finally potty trained!!! This last week she just started doing it all by herself! We've even done some diaper-less trips to town, and she's used the public bathrooms! She doesn't stay dry through the night yet, but hopefully soon. It's probably not that exciting for most of you, but I'm just so relieved that it happened before Spud's arrival that I have to tell all readers of our blog! Logan has shown quite an interest in it too! He just needs to learn that the toilet isn't a fun splashing bowl! At Walmart the other day Meadow picked out some new Tinkerbell underwear, and Logan cried and cried sadly saying "ingabell, ingabell" when I wouldn't get him some too! I got him some nice boy ones, but that wasn't what he wanted! (He needs a brother!) :)