Monday, May 26, 2008

nice sunny days!

This last week has been hot and sunny! Unfortunately for most of it we have been sick again! Brennen has had a cold for the last few weeks, then he got pink eye, then his cold got really bad with a fever all day so we took him to the E.R. and found out he also had an ear infection! Poor little guy! Well, he past the bad cold to me, and the pink eye to Logan! AAHH! will it EVER end?? Fortunately the grandmas have been available to help! (And keep so far healthy Meadow away!) Anyway, on the BRIGHT side, here are some cute pics from before the ills. Here Logan was happy to see a jet land. (that's the white blur in the background)

We went to the lake with the grandmas. We walked the trail, then had a picnic. Meadow picked a skunk cabbage and was excited to find the skunk cabbage sign.
Logan insisted on wearing his winter coat! He did a little splashing in the water...
Meadow went out as far as she could! She ended up falling in, but didn't mind!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Sunday afternoon feast

Yesterday we had a bunch of friends over for a taco feast in honor of the Atteberrys, yet more friends who are leaving us soon. (To Honolulu!) It was also to celebrate Kirsten's baptism!The weather was warm and wonderful, as you can see! It was great to have kids running all over the yard!

And mommies and daddies too! (who didn't run around!)

More friends enjoying the deck. Two of Matthew's friends from work came too.
More friends inside. Matthew's making a Wallace face! (Wallace and Gromit) The only ones I didn't manage to get pictures of were our neighbors Laren and Sarah.
And the babies feeling and eating the grass!
We need (and plan to!) do this more often! Thanks everyone for coming!

Friday, May 16, 2008


Here's a nice picture of Meadow and Logan with Grandpa John by the helicopter. The pilot offered to let them sit in the pilot seat, but they were afraid to try.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

May Days

We went flower shopping! I let the kids choose all of our flowers. Meadow was very excited to find pink ones.

Logan is potty training. He loves to wear "big boy underwear".

We went for a walk downtown with Grandma Cooke on a sunny day. The kids love to see what's in the water. We even saw a dog skeleton in the creek right under the Chinese restaurant! (Hmmm, maybe the spicy "beef" isn't so beefy after all!)

Meadow & Logan were quite excited to see a helicopter up close with Grandpa John just before he flew up to High Mountain.We watched several helicopters land and take off. They flew right in front of us! It was exciting, but this big one made lots of wind and dust blow on us!