Friday, April 28, 2006

Home Sweet Home!

We're finally home! Logan is free! No more tubes and IVs! When we got home we had a big happy welcome from big sister Meadow and big brother Bingo. Bingo gave Logan a big lick in the face, and Meadow enjoyed rocking him in his car seat. Then they both took naps. Since then meadow has been a bit fussy. I think it will take a while to adjust. I enjoyed the hospital stay, though it was hard to be away from Meadow. It was a nice week of rest and recovery for me, and I especially enjoyed the room service meals delivered to me every day. The food is very good and there's a pretty good variety to choose from. We are very grateful for the grandparents who took care of Meadow this week. She had fun. When she came to the hospital she always wanted to go see the seal and octopus ("offasus" in Meadow language) and butterflies on the walls, and in the gift shop.
Now that we've been home awhile, I can see it's going to be a lot of work! Meadow is getting into all the "no-no's" and gets upset when Logan cries. Bingo gets concerned too. But she also likes rocking him in his cradle when he cries too. She's a good big sister!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Happy Birthday Little Logan!!

Here he is! Logan Matthew was born April 20th at 5:24pm weighing 7# 10 oz!!!!!!! & 19 1/2 ". We were shocked at how big he was! His birth went very well, but that night he started having respitory distress, and had to be put on oxygen and hooked up to an IV. He inhaled some fluids when he was being born, and developed an infection in his lungs. He's a brave little guy, getting so many pokes and x rays, he didn't even really cry when they re-inserted his IV! He quickly improved and was able to be off the oxygen, and now just has to stay in the hospital for a week (till Friday) to finish his antibiotics. He eats quite ravenously, and has already gained back his birthweight! He seems to be another "spittelupagus" like big sister Meadow. Everyone's clothes and furniture beware! You are welcome to visit us in room 201, and sign the baby book on the hospital baby album web site.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Easter Sunday & Sprog update

Here's some pictures of Meadow in her pretty Easter dress putting a flower in the cross at church. She loves flowers. Hers were pretty well demolished after church, but she loved running around with them saying, "flowers, flowers..." Then we went to my parents house for lunch. I had high hopes for Sproggy to be born that day because Matthew was also born on Easter, but although I was having light contractions, Sprog didn't want to come out! Meadow somewhat understands that a baby is coming. She points to my tummy a lot and says "baby", and even lifts up my shirt to try to see it. Last night she kept rubbing her tummy saying "baby" and kissing mine! It was very cute.
Sprog Update
Tomarrow is my due date, if Sprog still doesn't come, the plan is to induce on Thursday, not with drugs, but with a gel that should start my body's natural process. That's how I understand it anyway. There's no medical reason to induce, it's just an option. Sprog is strong and healthy, so we don't see why not- I just wonder if I'm rushing things- maybe Sproggy just isn't ready to leave the comforts of mommy yet. The whole process still could take a whole day, so it's not like forcing him/her out...What do you think about it? Any words of wisdom?

Saturday, April 15, 2006

At least SOMEBODY likes the snow...

Hey, all you complainers of snow! Isn't it pretty? Meadow was very happy to see snow again. Today she got to walk in it and I showed her how to throw a snow ball. Then she brought one inside and when it melted she cried and kept sadly saying "snow ball.." Poor Meadow. It's one of those hard lessons in the life of a 1 year old!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Yet one more name poll...

Well, Matthew came up with another possible girl name.. here's what we've narrowed it down to:

Heather Raine Cooke

Heather Faith Cooke

Ashlynn or Ashlyn Faith Cooke

Ashlen or Ashlenn Faith Cooke

Which name/spelling do you like best? Any other suggestions? Sorry if you're sick of baby name questions. I just have "baby on the brain" syndrome. By the way, I guess not very many people want to come visit us on our deck! We only got 2 comments! (see previous posting)

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Our deck!

On Monday Matthew started the first phase of our deck. It's an extention of our entrance. Eventually (SOON!) the deck will go around the back of our house, then will be a huge, inviting, sunny, expanse in front of where I park my car. (Well, the sunny part might not always work out.) We also plan to build a fire pit. So, on nice evenings in the summer everyone (who leaves comments) can come over to roast things and visit while our kids will hopefully sleep!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Today Meadow went potty and poop in the toilet! (Sorry if this is too graphic for you!) She's been telling me "poopy" just before she goes for the last few weeks, so I got her a seat. She loves sitting on it and rocking back & forth, but today was the first time she actually went! She seemed a little surprised at the sound it made, but it was otherwise no big deal to her. When I congratulated her, she just looked at me like,"yup, that's what you do here mommy." Hopefully it will continue!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

I just had my baby!

I just had my baby, and it's.......TRIPLETS!!!

ha ha... APRIL FOOLS!