Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Brennen's new toy

We feel it is important to teach our kids about modern technology from a young age so they will be able to keep up in this ever advancing world. So we got Brennen a new AT&T Palm Trio. It has many cool features and tastes great too! If you would like to call him or his daddy, he has a new local # (907) 821-8289. If you're calling locally you don't need to dial the area code. Here's my phancy phone. Yes, technology is a wonderful thing!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter!

On Friday some of us mommies took our kids to the pool! I just took Meadow. She loved it! Here's Kristi & Hannah and Kristina & Rachel. Sarah & Eric B. and Mary were there with their kids too.

Easter Sunday was a lovely day. The kids have their daffodils from church. When they called the kids to come line up to put flowers in the cross, Meadow and Logan ran up & across the stage in great excitement! It was funny!

Later that evening grandma & grandpa Cooke came over and we went for a nice walk to the beach.

Friday, March 14, 2008


Here's a better picture of our van.Brennen has graduated from his cradle to a crib.
Naked driving. Should he get a ticket?
"I'm cowing!"
Ha ha! Get it? Clever Meadow!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Our New Van!

What a busy day! This morning, after getting excused from the jury, I had no idea we would be buying a van, but after 3 hours of negotiating with the dealers at Skinner's, we did! We just decided to get one locally so we don't have to pay $700 to have one shipped. It's a 2005 Chevy Uplander, which is one of the vans we liked during our searchings in Seattle. It's not blue, as my "dream van" would have been, (Yeah, I know..I'm not cool), but it's a nice brown color and has a DVD player, and a built-in child seat, and power opening doors. It's nice.We even got them to throw in 2 little monkeys wearing Chevy shirts for the kids!

Thursday, March 06, 2008


We finally sold our Jetta! After being up for sale for almost a year, being sold and fallen through twice, being falsely accused of loosing oil and the engine being "about to blow!", and even being stolen by an annoying highschooler to drive some girls over to Walmart -(oh so cool!), It has legitimately sold to a guy who will be working with Matthew at Ak Airlines. It went for only $8200, about $1000 less than it's worth, but at least it's done, and we can finally get our own van! We looked at several different kinds while we were south, and we think we like the Honda Odyssey the best. I used to want a Dodge Grand Caravan, but after having one as our rental car, we decided the newer ones aren't very nice. We're still not sure where we will get one though, as I am confined to Ketchikan this month for jury duty.
I hope this post isn't too long and boring, I just haven't been able to really talk to anyone for a long time because our house has been a sick ward this last month! First we all had the flu, now it's bad colds that won't go away! Anyway that's the latest news.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Yet Another Seattle Trip

We spent last weekend in Seattle, to visit Auntie Christy and long lost Grandma John, and also to help David & Jenn with moving. Christy got right to her usual auntie business of putting make-up on Meadow and dressing her like a princess! (Logan was saying, "me too!")We got a few extra days to hang out with our friends before they moved far, far away. Here we are at House of Hong, a great Chinese restaurant in downtown Seattle.
We even hung out with the Linders, and Trista & John! We went to Olive Garden for dinner.
The weather there was sunny and warm! There's a very nice park a couple blocks from Christy's house that we always go to. We had a picnic out in the sun. Brennen enjoyed the park from the comfort of his stroller.

Yet Another Seattle Trip continued...

A fun day with Grandma at the park. Logan loves to ride the "Quack".
Logan loves airplanes, so he was excited to get invited into the cockpit of our jet on our return flight. He wanted to go up and push some buttons, and got mad when I wouldn't let him! Flights during nap time are wonderful...for awhile anyway. Logan didn't sleep long enough, and SCREAMED and thrashed in my lap for the last half hour of the flight! I could feel the hatred silently burning from the people in front of us!
We arrived home to strong wind and freezing sideways rain. Matthew & I were completely soaked through by the time we loaded everyone into the car. Home Sweet Home!