Thursday, March 06, 2008


We finally sold our Jetta! After being up for sale for almost a year, being sold and fallen through twice, being falsely accused of loosing oil and the engine being "about to blow!", and even being stolen by an annoying highschooler to drive some girls over to Walmart -(oh so cool!), It has legitimately sold to a guy who will be working with Matthew at Ak Airlines. It went for only $8200, about $1000 less than it's worth, but at least it's done, and we can finally get our own van! We looked at several different kinds while we were south, and we think we like the Honda Odyssey the best. I used to want a Dodge Grand Caravan, but after having one as our rental car, we decided the newer ones aren't very nice. We're still not sure where we will get one though, as I am confined to Ketchikan this month for jury duty.
I hope this post isn't too long and boring, I just haven't been able to really talk to anyone for a long time because our house has been a sick ward this last month! First we all had the flu, now it's bad colds that won't go away! Anyway that's the latest news.


the Very! Excited! Parents! said...

Hi Caren,
My sister has a Honda Odyssey and really really likes it. The only thing she does not like is the lack of AWD. Especially with all the snow KTN has had lately!
What about a Toyota Sienna, they have an AWD model?
Congrats on selling the Jetta!


PS> Have you been to my sister's store Silly Munchkins yet???

gladbooks said...

Congratulations on the car sale!

Matt Caren Meadow Logan & Brennen said...

Yes Jolene, Silly Munchkins is a great store! I'm glad she's doing so well with it.

Stan, Angie, Teagan, Blake and Penelope said...

So glad your car sold!! Hope you all get healthy soon.