Saturday, September 04, 2010

School kids

School started this week for Meadow and Logan! Here are their first day pics.

They are going to Clover Pass. We have a great new principal this year. She has about 30 years of experience in Christian schools, and is making a few good changes. She is re organising the classes a little. Meadow and Logan are together in a Kindergarten class. Instead of pre-kindergarten there will be K4 and K5. They both will go for a half day, 5 days a week. They will be taught together but the K4's will have a little simpler curriculum. We're told they should all be reading by Christmas time! Meadow is already learning on her own to read, so I think she's going to catch on fast. Logan really enjoys math, and is very good at adding up numbers. It should be a good year!

Friday, September 03, 2010

The rest of our summer

This past month we had a visit from a friend who I hadn't seen in 18 years! Jenny Tennant and her daughter Ocean visited for a few days. It was good to see her again, and Meadow and Ocean had a great time playing together. Meadow made friends with this deer! She held out a leaf and slowly walked up to it. It actually came toward her a little, then just stayed there eating leaves while Meadow quietly watched. And of course the kids entered the slug race at the Blueberry Festival. Their slugs are the brown ones that just sat in a pile. Next year they plan to bring a trained white slug!Meadow retrieving her sleepy slug.
So we all drowned our sorrows in lots of blue cotton candy!