Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Here's a picture of Meadow and Logan's room. It's nice and big, and they love sharing a room! They laugh at each other and play and talk before they go to sleep and when they wake up. Logan now sleeps in his own bed ALL NIGHT!!!! Finally! They have a fun little closet to play in too! Meadow's not afraid to be in there in the dark with the door closed!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

house pics

For those who don't know, we just moved into the Poet's old house. I finally can take pictures, so here's the living room and dining room. We don't have a table yet. I will get a nice one when my car sells.
Here's the view from the kitchen. Matthew removed some cabinets that hung over the counter blocking the view. I like it better without them. We will put them on the wall instead, so we're only losing a corner one.
I'll put a picture of the kids room later. The other room upstairs will be a play room/guest room. It's not finished yet. There are sinks outside the bathroom that we plan to remove, and put a small sink inside the bathroom. We hope to gradually make some other changes too, like new carpets, deck, and possibly a fireplace. But just as it is this house is beautiful and feels a little more like home every day!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

All moved in

We finally have our Internet again so I can post, but unfortunately our camera battery charger got lost in the I can't take pictures yet! I'll put some up as soon as I can! Saturday was moving day! We had some wonderful helpers. Everything was done by dinner time, and went very smoothly! Friday night Nick Wojcik stayed till 2AM helping us paint! He did a great job! The best moving advice I can give you is HIRE FLENSEA KASENAS! She was amazing! She cleaned, she organized, she directed and suggested things! She made me sit and rest a lot. :) Thanks to her, by the time we were done, the living room and bedrooms were completely set up and box free, and the kitchen was almost done! Sarah and Eric came too, Eric moved things while Sarah emptied boxes and cleaned the cabinets. (This house was pretty dirty!) Laron Thomas (our new renter -Sarah Slenkamp's husband) helped move the big furniture, and of course the grandparents helped too! Grandma Cooke had the kids all day. When Meadow came back she ran in and said, "This house is NEAT!" The kids love the extra space to run around and the stairs to climb! I'm really enjoying the big kitchen and the view! I can't believe this house is ours! Come visit!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Were moving!

Anyone recognize this place? It's now ours! And it's huge! There are more rooms than I know what to do with! (We'll grow into it though!) This was the contents of our attic all over the living room!
The moral to the story: Don't store empty boxes thinking you'll use them for gifts or something! Most of this pile was empty boxes!
We ate lunch out on our nice new deck today. We'll enjoy it for these last few days that it's ours. Our plan is to finish painting on Friday- I'm hoping to start it tonight. Then move the big stuff on Saturday morning! Anyone who would like to help can!! :)

Saturday, June 09, 2007

While we were gone...

Here's what we came home to! Matthew and his parents were very busy while we were away! Now there's a beautiful new deck and stairs along the front of our house. The inside is all freshly painted with a nice faux tile paint job in the kitchen!
We're starting to pack up and get ready to move next week. I think we'll be moved in on Saturday. (Anyone want to help move furniture on Saturday??) Matthew has the day off, so that's probably when we'll do it, if not sooner! I'm hoping to do some painting there on Wednesday. (Anyone like painting?? Or know of a few people who do?) :) Don't worry, I won't make you do any faux tiles! :)

While in Seattle...

This past week the kids & I went to Seattle for a few days, so work could be done

on our apartment to make it ready to rent! We did many fun things. first we went to

Woodland park zoo. The kids enjoyed it and liked talking to the animals. They also had fun

playing with these monkey statues. Auntie Christy did too!

One of the highlights of the trip was Meadow's first pony ride!

My mom found a nice lady who lives just down the road from Christy, with ponies and

chickens and peacocks, which she let Meadow feed, and collect eggs to take home! Meadow loved it! She wasn't afraid at all! She got right on and rode like she'd done it lots of times! Her pony's name was Juliet.
The pony even gives kisses!