Wednesday, June 20, 2007

All moved in

We finally have our Internet again so I can post, but unfortunately our camera battery charger got lost in the I can't take pictures yet! I'll put some up as soon as I can! Saturday was moving day! We had some wonderful helpers. Everything was done by dinner time, and went very smoothly! Friday night Nick Wojcik stayed till 2AM helping us paint! He did a great job! The best moving advice I can give you is HIRE FLENSEA KASENAS! She was amazing! She cleaned, she organized, she directed and suggested things! She made me sit and rest a lot. :) Thanks to her, by the time we were done, the living room and bedrooms were completely set up and box free, and the kitchen was almost done! Sarah and Eric came too, Eric moved things while Sarah emptied boxes and cleaned the cabinets. (This house was pretty dirty!) Laron Thomas (our new renter -Sarah Slenkamp's husband) helped move the big furniture, and of course the grandparents helped too! Grandma Cooke had the kids all day. When Meadow came back she ran in and said, "This house is NEAT!" The kids love the extra space to run around and the stairs to climb! I'm really enjoying the big kitchen and the view! I can't believe this house is ours! Come visit!

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Trovore - AKA: Brownage said...

Congratulations on your new house guys! I've recently moved to a new place myself so I know what a mess that can be :-) Who's house did you get moved in to?