Tuesday, September 09, 2008

More exciting news!

Last night Meadow asked Jesus to come into her heart! She was up late with lots of good questions about Heaven and God. She asked if there will be toys in Heaven, then asked if there is a church in Heaven. I answered that all the people who have Jesus in their heart are the church, and they will be in Heaven. Then she asked if God has power, and then if we have power. I said that God gives his people, who have Jesus in their heart, his power. We talked about him using his power for good things. Then she asked, "Did Jesus have power when he died on the cross?" So we talked about Jesus choosing not to use his power to not die, because he knew he had to so we could be forgiven for our sins. And that he knew he would come back to life after 3 days and then go up to Heaven. She asked, "Where is Jesus now?" I said that Jesus is everywhere, he's in Heaven and in us, if we ask him to be. Then she asked, "Do I have Jesus in my heart?" I told her that he wants to be, and we talked about inviting him in so he can tell us what's right and wrong, and help us to understand things about him. Then I asked her if she wanted Jesus to come into her heart and she said yes, but wanted me to ask him. Finally she understood that she had to ask him herself and I helped her say a prayer. Then I explained that when Jesus lives in us he wants us to obey him, so she kept praying "Jesus I will obey you." It was very sweet! This morning I asked her about it and she got all giddy and shy, which is how she gets when something is very special to her. She's been very excited all day. She may be too young to really understand things, but the important thing is she knows the simple truth and believes it! I know this is the real thing because I was 3 when I asked Jesus to come into my heart. I remember it well, and I also simply heard and believed. From here she will grow and eventually learn about repentance from sin and God's forgiveness, and everything else.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Introducing Doh!

Well, here's our latest news: I'm no longer one person. Yup, I'm eating for two again! Doh!, our 4th little Cookie, is about 7 weeks old, and due sometime in mid April I think. Here's a picture of how Doh!, who is the size of a blueberry, should look now. I haven't been to the doctor yet so I don't have any actual footage. I've been feeling a little queasy and very tired for the last 3 weeks. That should get better soon though. Meadow seems slightly interested in the baby. She sometimes asks how big it is or thinks of what we should name it. She's come up with Henna, Meadow, and Logan! Logan doesn't seem to understand at all. Sorry if I haven't told you in person yet! I'm too scared to tell people!

Meadow the school girl

On Tuesday Meadow went to her first day of preschool! She was so excited the night before, that she kept asking, "is it time for school yet?" " Is it morning yet?" before she even went to sleep! She also told me that the teachers had beds at school and were sleeping there. :)
Here she is with her back pack on ready to go!
Happy Meadow after school! She had a great day! In the morning she went right in and started playing. She didn't even bother to say good bye! Her class has 7 kids, one of them is a kindergartner. When I asked what she did at school, she said "I did crack"! (She meant craft)Here is her teacher Miss Mandy. Meadow likes her a lot.