Friday, March 17, 2006

Meadow loves snow!

This was Meadow's first time playing in the snow! She loved it! She laughed at Bingo and liked licking the snow off her gloves. There's 11 inches of snow out here!

Caren's goals in life..

Here are some things I hope to accomplish, hopefully sooner than later, while I'm still young enough...

1. Swim in all 5 oceans- yes, there are now 5 oceans. The Southern Ocean was officially declared in 2000, and includes the water circling Antarctica from latitude 60 south. So far I've only managed the Pacific and Atlantic, but plan to plunge into the Arctic this summer!

2. Visit all 7 continents. So far- N.America & Europe (if you count England)

3. Cross the Arctic and Antarctic circles.

4. Go to Greenland

5. Run (and finish) at least one marathon

6. Become a well known artist- (maybe I should stop writing blogs and get started!)

7. Publish a children' s book (or several)

That's all I can think of for now, does anyone have the same goals? What are some of yours?

Monday, March 13, 2006

Amazing Meadow!

Meadow is now officially walking! This month she's taken more and more steps, but on her 15 month birthday at a church potluck she impressed everyone by walking all over! she was so happy to finally be able to follow the other kids around! She can even stand up without holding on to something. What a big girl! At home she does laps around the chair all day.
The other day while we waited at the doctor's she gleefully walked up and down the hall stopping at the different offices saying "HI" to people. It was very cute. I think she inherited her grandma John's friendliness!
Here's some other cute pics- She and daddy at church, and looking at a Shrek DVD, which she thinks is hilarious. She always finds this one and laughs her head off while pointing to Shrek!