Friday, March 17, 2006

Caren's goals in life..

Here are some things I hope to accomplish, hopefully sooner than later, while I'm still young enough...

1. Swim in all 5 oceans- yes, there are now 5 oceans. The Southern Ocean was officially declared in 2000, and includes the water circling Antarctica from latitude 60 south. So far I've only managed the Pacific and Atlantic, but plan to plunge into the Arctic this summer!

2. Visit all 7 continents. So far- N.America & Europe (if you count England)

3. Cross the Arctic and Antarctic circles.

4. Go to Greenland

5. Run (and finish) at least one marathon

6. Become a well known artist- (maybe I should stop writing blogs and get started!)

7. Publish a children' s book (or several)

That's all I can think of for now, does anyone have the same goals? What are some of yours?


derek said...


Those are some sweet goals! I would like to run a marathon also. This last year, the longest I ran at one time was a little over 10 miles. Over the winter I've not been as active, so it will take a little while to work back up to that. After that....who knows?

gpa john said...

Great Caren! How about a goal of finishing our stairway mural in our lifetime and make us rich when we sell the house?

gma john said...

Sell the House? Did I miss something?

gma john said...

Anyhow .... great goals, Caren! I'd like to be the first to help you accomplish them! I hereby offer my services as Grandma-Nanny so that you can swim in the oceans, visit the continents, draw beautiful pictures, and write (and illustrate) books, and run at least one marathon. I'm impressed that your goals are measurable AND achievable ... and the first two may well be the fodder for the others! May God direct you through the actions necessary to accomplish what He has put in your heart to do.

Meanwhile, you've challenged me to try to write down some goals. This is weird - I can't think of any - is being available a goal?

Those are absolutely darling photos of Meadow!