Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lunch on a cruise ship

Today we got to go on the Amsterdam thanks to Raymond, a crew member who has been a friend of Matthew's dad since the start of the cruise ship ministry. He invited our family (we didn't bring Brennen) on board for a tour and lunch. His wife Merina (I hope I spelled it right!) is staying with the Cookes this week.

Meadow loved finding all the swimming pools! She wanted to go in! Here the kids were exploring the jungle area on top of the ship.

It was a fun time! The ship is beautiful. I want to go on a cruise! ...Maybe someday!

Here's a view of bustling downtown Ketchikan. I'm sure the grey clouds are making all you mover awayers homesick! :)

He creeps, he leaps, he slides and glides across the floor...

Well, he doesn't actually leap, but he sure does crawl! (the title is from the Blob theme song)
He started crawling last week and went straight for the computer! He's quite speedy when there's paper to crawl to and eat!
Isn't this how you read the paper? Cute!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Matthew spent the weekend with Derek in Logan, UT. They spent a lot of time looking at and playing guitars. Matthew decided on a Baden! It's nice! Badens are individually handmade, with very high quality solid wood. There are no fancy inlays or designs in order to devote all the time and cost into the workmanship. It has a cedar top with mahogany back and sides. It sounds very nice too of course! He will be adding the electronics later. He has a specific kind in mind, so he wanted to put it in himself.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Saturday was a special day for Meadow. We visited the Pickrell's beautiful garden, where Meadow enjoyed finding the hidden animals.

Then we went to City Park where the kids fishing derby was happening. They fill the ponds with little fish and let kids fish. A boy was kind enough to share his fishing pole with Meadow and she caught a fish! The boy reeled it in while she held the pole. He killed the poor thing and put it in a bag for her. She was so excited! She went up to everyone she saw to show them her fish! Then she said, "let's cook him and eat him!"
So we did! He was yummy!

Saturday, June 07, 2008


Happy 6/7/8 date!

Well, it's bye bye bassy. Matthew just sold his big bass on ebay in order to purchase a new guitar. It's sad to see it go, but now he is leading worship at church and needs a good sounding guitar to play. I guess my pretty green Ovation isn't quite his style. He knows a lot about how guitars are made and what brings out their best sound, so that's what he's looking for.

Here's the only picture we have of him playing it (thanks to photographer Becky). He's serenading baby Meadow.