Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Since last months post....

I seem to be very bad at updating lately! Time just speeds by for me these days. Life has been pretty regular, but here are some cute kid pictures.

I like this one with them all lined up in order of age.

Beautiful Meadow, who dressed up her dolphin, and was so excited that her shirt fit him.
Logan being silly, with his collection of puffins, which are his favorite animal.
Sweet Brennen, probably the only kid who sleeps with an eagle. Funny Ashlen, and her first encounter with starfish. :)

World Cup Watching

Matthew set it up so we could watch the England vs. US soccer game on the big screen at the church with friends. We were the England supporters, as you can see. The kids kind of like soccer; I think Ashlen and Brennen have the most potential. Logan will need to figure out how to put his pants on the right way around first!
She looks like a pro! But Matthew says the Winnie the Pooh shoes just won't do!