Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Duck

Yesterday we went on the "Amphibious Duck" tour. It's the bus that goes into the water and becomes a boat. It was a nice little tour of town and the waterfront along the canneries. The kids enjoyed the boat ride.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Other Happenings

Well, some of the things I was shopping for on our trip were a dining set and a van. I found 2 sets that I like, one is solid pear wood, the other is the typical not solid wood kind, (about $200 cheaper.) Does anyone have experience with either kind and have advice as to what we should get? As for the van all started last week when I sold my car, and we thought we had sold Matthew's car. There was a van in town that's been for sale for the last 3 months, which was perfect, everything I was looking for. We went to town to look at it and make an offer, but we were told it had sold an hour before! So obviously that wasn't the right van for us! Then after searching online for vans in the Seattle area, I only found 2 that were close to what I wanted (year, price, mileage, seats). One ended up being too far away to go to, and the other "just happened" to be loaned out for the day! We looked at a couple other car lots, but found nothing, and I felt it was time to stop looking. Well, God is obviously and thankfully in control of our 'car dealing' because the day we were leaving Seattle we got a call from the people who promised to buy Matthew's car, saying they couldn't buy it after all! This was an extreme disappointment because at the time they said they wanted it, there was another couple there at our house ready to write us a check and buy it right then! The other people saw them test driving it and called us pleading for us not to sell it because they wanted it first and promising that money, (more than the other people offered) would be wired into our account tomorrow! So we agreed, and told the others about Jenn's car, which they promptly went and bought! Well, that's the second time a 'sure sale' has failed. It's just worse that they made us turn away paying customers!! UGH! Oh well. We just want to do the right thing at the right time. I can see that God is helping us and will provide a buyer and the right van. I just hope it's soon! In 2 months all my children won't fit in the car! But I suppose God is well aware of that!
On a happier note, Logan is finally an official walker! He walks all the time now! On Sunday night he just suddenly decided to start walking! He even RAN to Matthew when he held out a spoonful of cream for him! Meadow has just started sleeping in a "big-girl bed". We took the side off her crib. She's now having to learn to stay in bed.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Family, isn't it about time? ha ha

(the title is from the latter day saints commercial on TV.) Anyway, here's what we've been up to lately...
The cousins love playing together! They get along really well!

The kids enjoyed their time with auntie Christy.

And their friends.

To celebrate Katie & William's 10th anniversary, we took them to Seattle. We left all the kids with the grandparents. They said they wanted to spend time with us instead of being alone, so we took them on our traditional date to the Cheesecake Factory in Bellevue, where we had much delicious food. The next day Matthew had an Alaska Airlines meeting, so Katie, William, and I spent the day shopping. They helped me look for a dining table set and a van, then they shopped and spent time at Borders bookstore. Not exactly the most romantic of anniversaries, but they said they had fun!

Well, we were supposed to come home that night, but the flight was full, so Katie & I stayed behind, and spent the night with Christy. We planned to get on the first flight home which started out late due to a mechanical problem. Finally we left, but about 20 minutes into the flight the pilot said they had "something abnormal" happen when they raised the landing gear, so we would have to turn back to Seattle...but don't worry it would be a normal landing. I was just hoping "something abnormal" wouldn't happen when they lowered the gear! Anyway we landed fine, and an hour later left on another plane. It turned out that it was just a circuit board problem which set off some alarms, but nothing was ever really wrong. So that was our little adventure.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

They're here!

The Cooke family arrived from Mexico today. The kids were very excited to see their cousins! They will be here for 3 weeks!

Grandma John got the girls ballerina suits, which of course they all had to wear and dance around in! (This was at about 10:00 pm- WAY past bedtime!!)

This is the group that came for dinner after meeting them at the airport. There were 10 kids! It was rather loud and rambunctious, but fun! All the Cookes, Johns, Goulds and Wickerts (except Jasen) were there!

Saturday, July 07, 2007


In celebration of today's wonderful date, here are some recent cute pictures:

Having lunch with Benaiah at grandma John's house
sandy bum

Big Mama, Little Boy

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

4th of July

It was a lovely rainy day, but the kids didn't mind a bit. They loved waving their flags and watching the parade. Meadow's favorite part was the candy, Logan especially liked seeing a big inflated duck.

Oh Canada?! Logan got very excited when handed this Canadian flag. For the rest of the parade he waved that instead!
A lot of excitement for one day!