Monday, December 24, 2007


Matthew built the kids a big igloo! He made it at night then left a candle burning in it. Meadow enjoyed playing in it in the morning, but Logan wouldn't go in.
For everyone awaiting a pansy update, I'm afraid 2 weeks of being frozen and 10 inches of snow finally did him in. Poor thing.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Look at the difference in Logan's face from his first time sledding to his second!

Happy Birthday Meadow!

Meadow turned 3 on December 10th. She got to have her first kid party! They played stick the tails on the donkey, and didn't even need blindfolds! The tails were everywhere!Meadow got her wish for a cake with "pink sugar frosting" just like Eeyore's party in her Winni the Pooh book. (You can sort of see the cake in the background. I took really rubbish pictures.)
We gave her a bike with training wheels. She practices riding inside the house.
Meadow and Juliet played together.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Various things...

We finally got new carpet downstairs in the hallway and kids room. The old carpet was very stinky and gross from cats. After pulling up the old carpet, we decided that indoor cats are a very bad idea! There was also tons of dust and dirt under the carpet. In the picture Matthew is saying, "it's like a beach down here!" After spraying down the floor boards with bleach, it smelled much better. Now we have very nice new carpet. The kids were excited about it, even though it's not yellow like Meadow wanted!

We also have put up our Christmas tree! Meadow the tree-hugger gave it a nice big hug of course!

Our very wonderful, cool, fuel efficient, low mileage, Jetta GLS, just refuses to sell! We can't understand why. It's a great little car for a good price! People keep looking at it and driving it, saying they like it and will get back to us....but we never hear from them again! Twice we have planned to take it in to the dealers to trade it (for much less than we owe), but just when we're about to do it someone calls to set up a test drive! The second time, Matthew specifically prayed for someone to call about it that day if we weren't supposed to take it in...and they did! So, just as we've felt all along, that's not the way to do it. God hasn't forgotten us and will provide the right buyer, and right vehicle at the right time. But it sure can get frustrating. Why does it have to take this long! I'm sure my parents would love to have their van back! And we would love to stop making payments on a car we can't really use! Anybody want to buy it? $8900! Or make an offer!

I'm No Pansy

This Pansy's no pansy!
I just wanted to make a tribute to the pansy who refuses to wilt. All my other flowers have long since passed on, but this guy just keeps on! This picture was taken just before this last freeze, so we'll see if he survives. He survived a few days of being frozen before, and perked right up again! I'll keep you updated...I'm sure everyone will be checking my blog daily to find out!