Monday, September 05, 2011


This past weekend Matthew & I went to Seattle yet again, where Matthew had the privilege of performing a wedding for the first time! It was for Brendon and Lynette Mix. Brendon and Matthew became friends while working together for several years at Alaska Airlines, before Brendon moved down to the Seattle area. After moving there, he asked Matthew what church he should go to, and when he went there, he ended up meeting Lynette, who just happened to be visiting the church that Sunday! When they got engaged, he asked Matthew to marry them because he was someone Brendon looked up to as a good Christian example, and because he played a big part in them meeting in the first place! Matthew said he would, but only if he could do their pre-marriage counseling. He wanted to be sure that they were right for each other, and they were going about it in the right way. He certainly doesn't want the first couple he married to end up divorcing. So, over the past 2 or 3 months, we met with them once a week on skype, and went through a book on preparing for marriage. We really enjoyed doing it, and are confident that they are in it for the long haul, and want what God wants for their marriage. Here is Matthew and the groom just before the wedding...both a little nervous!

It was a beautiful, happy wedding! Matthew did an excellent job, and gave a good short sermon during the ceremony. Some of the family said it was one of the best they've heard at a wedding.

This was having Brendon say the vows.

Official license signing The weather was warm and sunny. They had an outdoor reception on this grassy field. I just had to make Matthew pose in his suit and tie with our rental Mustang (they upgraded us for free) with Mt. Rainer poking up in the background. Probably not a scene we will see again! :)