Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Little Sprog

Here's Sproggy smiling for the ultrasound! This picture was just taken today. Sprog is 33 weeks, and weighs 4 lbs. according to the measurements. Only a little smaller than "he" should be. The Dr. said "he" will probably reach about 6 lbs. Sprog kept sticking "his" tongue out at us!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Meadow's Vocabulary

Meadow still isn't quite walking, but she sure is talking! She learns about 3 new words every day! Here' s what she can say (and knows what she's saying) : mommy, daddy, uh-oh, ducky, hi, doggy, eye (as she pokes us in the eye), grandma, grandpa, snow, no, bubble, hot hot hot, all done, diaper, ball, birdy, star, circle, saw, mouse, outside, down, all the basic animal sounds, for a dog she pants rather than woof, and can howl just like Bingo. It's very cute when she talks, and she's always so proud of herself! So far for walking lessons she can take 2 or 3 steps but then just sits down. She's always been very cautious about things like that. Meanwhile Sproggy is beating me up from the inside! I'm 30 weeks (about 7 months). I guess our official girl name is Heather, but we're still not sure about a middle name. Thanks for all the votes! We like reading comments! (hint, hint)