Friday, November 28, 2008


We had a nice large group for Thanksgiving this year! We gathered at my parents house as usual.Auntie Christy came for the week!Logan enjoyed a big piece of pumpkin pie which he helped make.

Kristi is writing something she's thankful for on a fabric square for our Thanksgiving banner. -A tradition I started 2 years ago, so we can look back on who we gathered with and read what they wrote.

The kids all played together very nicely! Meadow and Juliette wore their ballerina outfits for the occasion.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Meadow the Amazing Artist

Meadow is growing up so much! She's very creative! She loves to dress herself and these are some of the results:

She spends a lot of time drawing. Here she was working hard on a bunch of pictures which she asked me to make into a book! She told me the words to write on each page. It turned out very good! We should get it published!

Here is an excerpt from her book called "The Farm Animals". I discovered this picture won't enlarge for some reason, so this is what it says: "One day there was a little cow, and he was walking all around. And the sky was so blue, and the flowers were growing, and the sun was shining, and it was a kiky." We don't know what a "kiky" is!

Here are a couple of her other drawings, which she did completely on her own! This is an elephant.

This is Daddy.

November Pics

Once again I've been a bad blogger because our rubbish computer freezes up all the time, so here are a few pictures from this month. The kids made place mats with pretty fall leaves from our yard. (There ARE fall colors here....for a short time before they turn brown and get blown away!)

We got to visit our old apartment in between renters. We have new renters now. The kids were very excited to see it! I still miss it. We have lots of good memories from there!

We discovered another fun place to play at the Rec Center! We went with Sarah and the kids one day.

The kids loved these horses. The older ones had fun running around the gym playing with balls and riding some little car scooter things.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Cute Little Doh

I had my main ultrasound this morning. Doh looks good! My due date, April 10, is right on. Doh is 18 weeks old. We didn't find out if it's a girl or boy, but we both think it's a girl. We'll see! I'll do a name poll later on when we think of some good names. Any suggestions?