Monday, July 04, 2011

4th of July

We had a lovely cold, very rainy, windy 4th of July! But that doesn't stop Kechikanians, as you can see the usual crowd came out to watch the parade. I'm just glad we have a parade, as many places don't, I guess. It was a rather strange one though, with the "tattoo float" which had half naked people creepily standing on the back of the truck showing off their tattoos...and accompanying rolls and you can imagine, it was quite a sight, along with the person dressed up in the sasquatch costume...??? Hmmm. The old lady driving her power chair with a roof over it and holding her little fluffy white dog on her lap was pretty dynamic.. and the senior class of 2012 who were dressed as cave men, had one brave (and shivering) lad wearing, um, nothing but a little flap in front and in the back, true cave man style, if you know what I mean..! Not smart on a windy day! Haha, (he did have skin colored sort of tights on, but still...really??)

There was plenty of yummy candy to pull out of the mud puddles!
Poor Ashlen didn't seem too impressed, but she didn't complain either.

Meadow and best friend Jenna, soaking wet and shivering at the end of the parade, but they had a great time! We had friends over for a barbecue, and the kids spent more time running around out in the rain, then Matthew set off a few firecrackers on the deck for Meadow to watch. (The boys were sound asleep and could not be woken up) It was a good day!