Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Matthew spent the weekend with Derek in Logan, UT. They spent a lot of time looking at and playing guitars. Matthew decided on a Baden! It's nice! Badens are individually handmade, with very high quality solid wood. There are no fancy inlays or designs in order to devote all the time and cost into the workmanship. It has a cedar top with mahogany back and sides. It sounds very nice too of course! He will be adding the electronics later. He has a specific kind in mind, so he wanted to put it in himself.


Derek Linder said...

Hey Matt, thanks for coming down and spending the weekend. Had a blast and enjoyed having you meet some of the folks I spend time with. The Lord really did take care of the guitar end of things as well. Congrats on the Baden.

Anonymous said...

Hey Matt! It was good to meet you! Hope to meet your family in the future!
~Kaitie from Logan, UT~

Anonymous said...

Hey Matt,
We really enjoyed meeting you, thanks for spending Father's Day with us. We are just so excited Derek has friends! Just kidding. We look forward to meeting your family sometime. Take care.
Robin Schallenberger

Anonymous said...


Eli & Mandy Stewart said...

sweet. I'm sure eli will want to check in out...were coming to ktn 6.30 -7.12. we hope to see you guys while we are there. I wanted to check with you guys to see if you, or another one of our family friends up there has a pack and play we might be able to borrow while we are staying there. if not, no prob, just wanted to check with ya. I emailed ya, but wasnt sure if I had the correct address. you can email me at mandymstewart@hotmail.com