Thursday, May 15, 2008

May Days

We went flower shopping! I let the kids choose all of our flowers. Meadow was very excited to find pink ones.

Logan is potty training. He loves to wear "big boy underwear".

We went for a walk downtown with Grandma Cooke on a sunny day. The kids love to see what's in the water. We even saw a dog skeleton in the creek right under the Chinese restaurant! (Hmmm, maybe the spicy "beef" isn't so beefy after all!)

Meadow & Logan were quite excited to see a helicopter up close with Grandpa John just before he flew up to High Mountain.We watched several helicopters land and take off. They flew right in front of us! It was exciting, but this big one made lots of wind and dust blow on us!


Jennifer Caskey said...

So exciting! Looks like you guys are having a blast!

David, Jenn, and Abby said...

I find your comments about the dog under the Chinese restaurant to be stereotypical and offensive to me and my fellow Asians.

Anonymous said...

Super cute pics Ro!