Saturday, April 26, 2008

Creative Meadow

"Look mommy! He's a tree frog! Ha ha ha!" Meadow drawing pictures of things in the yard. This particular picture was of a pointy rock.
Meadow is a very good artist! This is a smiley face she drew awhile ago.
This one was the first face she's ever drawn. It's Calvin, from the comic Calvin and Hobbs. (we have a comic book she likes to look at.) I was quite amazed! She suddenly went from random scribbles and lines to this, all by herself! This was a couple months ago


gladbooks said...

Cute pics of your kiddos! Brennen sure looks like Matthew. And Meadow's picking up your creativity! Thanks for keeping the blog up. :)

sixwickerts said...

Meadow is so much like you! I think it is great she is drawing already, maybe she will be a famous artist one day :)

gmajohn said...

She´s definitely following in your footsteps. I love seeing these updates! All´s well here in Mexico. David´s quite tall, up to my neck, and SO sweet. All three children are ultra sweet, with ultra good manners. David always says "Thank you for the delicious meal" after eating, and he is very vigilant when he´s with Grandpa. He loves guiding him around at night, warning him about changes in sidewalk or obstacles in his path. Lane and Emily are also vigilant and very helpful around the house (and elsewhere). We´re having a great time, just wishing everyone was down here! The Ramey family is really fun to be with, too.

Anonymous said...

Meds is INCREDIBLE!!! WOW- that is sooooo amazing that she can do that! Just like her mom!

love ya Meds, Auntie Chrust