Saturday, April 19, 2008

From cold to warm

Last week I saw a bunch of splashing in the water in front of our house, so we went down to the beach to investigate. It was a large "raft" of sea lions! (a raft is what you call a group of sea lions in the water.)
It was also a very low tide, so Meadow & Logan had fun in the mud trying to get squirted by a clam.
As you can tell it was very cold! The wind was blowing little snowflakes around us. But it was beautiful and very Alaskan with sea lions loudly barking (more like belching) around us!
But we soon left the cold and flew to Seattle for the week where it was sunny and warm!
Good little traveler Brennen gets his turn to wear the jet bib on the jet.

First we visited Point Defiance Zoo! The Beluga whales were the highlight of the day.

Logan really liked the tiger too. It was 80 degrees that day! (a bit too hot for me.)

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