Saturday, April 26, 2008

Little Lad

Brennen is a very sweet little lad. Actually he's quite a BIG lad! He's 20lbs already, and 28" long! He'll be 7 months old next week on the 2nd. Time goes by so fast! He's really good at sitting up now without using his hands for balance, which is nice because he can finally sit and play with toys!
He loves playing outside too! He likes to feel the grass, unlike Logan who hated the feel of it last summer!


Anonymous said...

Brennen is definitely a very happy little boy with a smile for everybody.

I don't like posting 'anonymous' but there is no other way.

gp cooke

Anonymous said...

He's such a SWEET SWEET BOY! I can't wait till he starts talking and we can see more of his bubbly personality! He's soooooo cute!

kisses to Bren-Bren!

Auntie Chrispy