Sunday, April 20, 2008

The life of a V.I.P.

Once again lucky Matthew won tickets to a soccer game which we got to watch from the comfort of the Alaska Airlines suite at Quest Field! It was Mexico vs. China. The stadium was almost full and all of them were for Mexico. We only saw 3 people in all the crowd with Chinese flags. We felt like we were in Mexico walking around the stadium before the game. This picture is Mexico's first attempt at a goal.
The game wasn't very exciting. Mexico won with one goal. Matthew said if he'd been watching the game on TV, he would have turned it off because they were playing rubbishly.
But we sure enjoyed sitting in the suite with only about 10 other people, (although by the end of the game the room had mysteriously filled up with Mexicans!) We had comfy chairs, our own bathrooms, and appetizers! This video clip shows it. Just don't listen to me talking. I sound like a chicken.

Such is the life of us V.I.P.'s!

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