Saturday, September 08, 2007


Today is an interesting date...09/08/07. I had big hopes for Spuddy to be born today, but I doubt that's going to happen in the next 10 hours! But, you never know! Oh well. maybe we'll sell our car today instead. That would be nice! Somebody is coming to see it this evening.
Happy 9/8/7!


Buffalo said...

It's good you didn't have the baby this past week! It would have been sad for mom and dad to not be there for it!!! :)

Can't wait to get the news of the baby!! Super excited to be an auntie to yet another baby! :)

gpa john said...

Yup. We're home now so you can have Spuddy anytime! We are ready!

Jeremy and Kristi said...

No baby yet??? I am SOOOOO ready!