Friday, November 23, 2007

The Feast

This year we celebrated Thanksgiving on Wednesday because Matthew had to work Thursday night. We had 21 people including babies (8 kids total, all 6 yrs. and under) over to my parents house. It was a very nice time. This is the group we've gathered with for most Thanksgivings over the last 16 years. Now they're all leaving us. How sad.
The kid table. The kids were all very good!The Grandparents table.
The littlest turkeys, celebrating their 1st Thanksgiving!
Abby and Brennen


sixwickerts said...

We had a fun time with you guys! You did forget to mention that the Grandparents were well behaved at their table too! You can always visit us for Thanksgiving too ya know :)

The Walkers said...

That is so neat that you were able to come together a day early to celebrate Thanksgiving! Great pictures of Grandparents, parents, aunties and kiddos!