Friday, December 11, 2009

Insider's View

I decided to capture a different view of the Singing Christmas Tree- from inside it! I took these exquisite photographs at last night's dress rehearsal.
Here's an artistic scene. I call it "Music and Mesh".
The very cute kids choir. Meadow looks a bit lost! I especially like the giant sheep on top of the life sized buildings off in the distance.
Some lovely ladies in my row watching the kids sing.
(Laura, Jenelle, Kelly, Krista)

A view up the tree

And director Rob making our music glow!


sixwickerts said...

Very Nice! I miss the Singing Tree. Make sure to post a little video of the music!

gladbooks said...

Exquisite is exactly the word I was looking for!! Nice perspectives. I agree with Helen, I'd like to see a video!

Auntie Christy said...

NICE pics Rodent!!! :) Very artistic!!!!! :)

gma john said...

You should be a headline writer (or caption writer) for the newspaper ... well done!