Saturday, December 12, 2009

Meadow's Party

Here are some pics of Meadow's party on Saturday. It was just a girls party, no boys were allowed, so the brothers went to grandma's. Krista, Genesis, and Jenna came. It was a nice, very mellow time. What a difference boys make! Birthday girl requested a "horsey" cake.

We played a game of pin the tail on the mermaid.
And opened presents of course. Ashlen loved joining in with the girls, and determined that the wrapping paper tasted quite good!
Meadow loved the pillow Krista made her!


Ketchikan Walkers said...

Great pictures of the "Three Amigas" and Miss K and Ashlen too.

Jenna had lots of fun and thinks that is cool that they're all 5 now, (well at least for another month...)

Eric & Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Meadow!
Did you make the cake Caren?