Sunday, December 13, 2009

Singing Christmas Tree '09

We just finished our Singing Tree performances. As you can see we had a nice big choir this year, and it sounded really good! This is the first time I've been a part of it since having kids. My mom offered to babysit so I could do it!
Brennen had his first drumming performance (at age 2)! He went up front to play his drum while the choir sang Drummer Boy. He only actually drummed a little each time. I think he got shy, but he was so cute running up there when it was his turn, and he sat there very nicely holding his sticks, and when he did drum, it was mostly in time with the music! He's a natural! In the first performance, when the audience clapped he stood up there happily clapping too! Everyone thought he was so cute! :)
Pastors in costume! Ha Ha!
One of the new things Pastor Dave did this year was have comment cards at each audience member's place, where they could comment or suggest improvements. He also led everyone in a prayer to accept Jesus, and had a box they could check and leave their contact information if they had said the prayer, or just wanted to learn more. As far as I know at least 4 people said the prayer!
Here is a short clip of one our songs- The Night That Christ Was Born. It's the only one Matthew was able to film, since he had Brennen with him.

Here's part of a solo by Kayla L. on the same song.


Nanette said...

Caren~ I loved watching Meadow "get her groove on" up there in the choir this year. She was adorable! Enjoy her...they grow so fast! My baby is turning 11 this month! Ack!! Anyway, the tree was really great this year. I didn't see Brennan however due to where I was sitting. Bummer! I was happy they did that song, tho, as it's one of my faves. Anyway, Good job!!! Loved it! :) Nan

Ketchikan Walkers said...

Brennan made an adorable drummer boy. I loved the kids choir too, Meadow and the other kiddos costumes added so much to the performance.

I know it was a stretch for you to be able to sing this year, even with help, you all sounded great!

gladbooks said...

So cute to have Brennen as the little drummer boy! Wish I could have seen that. Everything looks nice and like it went really well. Did you get any pics of the kids choir?

I like this blog background!

Eric & Sarah said...

I was thinking about the Singing Tree and missing being there. That is so neat that you were able to be a part of it this year! Miss you guys! I'll send out an email this year for our Christmas letter.


gma john said...

Nice entries, Caren! I'm so glad you and Meadow participated in the tree .. and Brennen too! What camera did Matthew use for the video clips?

David, Jenn, and Abby said...

THanks for all the pictures and videos. Brennen is so cute! I can't believe how well he can play. Becky had some video of him drumming when she was here for Thanksgiving. Looks like the tree was big this year. Great job!