Saturday, December 19, 2009

Finished house

And this is ours! It was a lot of fun! See the kids looking out the window? Here's what's on the inside before I added the kids. Matthew made the rocking chair that actually rocks, and even sheet rocked the walls! I made Bingo lying there with a bone. Such a cozy little cabin. The backyard, complete with an igloo and an outhouse! The front Meadow, Logan, and Brennen looking out the window. Ashlen is on the floor next to Bingo, but you can't really see her. (her head is the orange dot in the corner of the window) Now we'll see if the kids can keep from eating it until Christmas!


Auntie Christy said...

That is sooooo awesome!!! I love your pics! My goodness you guys got soooo creative!!!!!! Way toooo gooo!

gma john said...

We ate some of it today ... wow, it was SO goood! Tasted like a ginger biscotti. The frosting was unusually good too!