Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sea World!

We had a fun day at Sea World yesterday! Here are some pictures.The kids were trying to get a dolphin to come to them, so they could throw the ball.
Logan was really happy to see puffins! It seems kind of random, but he loves puffins!
We went to three shows- Shamu the killer whale, dolphins, and Clyde the sea lion. Ashlen loved them! She smiled and laughed through each of them! It was probably just the loud music and bright colors that she liked, but she was awfully cute! Here's Shamu posing for a picture. The shows are fun to watch! In the evening, to cool off, some of us went on the Atlantis water ride/roller coaster, which has a 50' plunge that completely soaks you at the bottom. By the time we got off, the weather had changed to a thunder storm! We got our ride just in time- after waiting over an hour in line, our boat was one of the last ones that went before they closed all rides. The storm was right above us and the thunder was so loud we thought a firework had gone off close by in the park! We cooled off alright!

All the electricity in the air has made Matthew's hair grow long! Black, and in braids too! How amazing!


Anonymous said...

wow that looks awesome Rodent! i can just imagine how much fun it was!!!! Very cool! Miss you guys!!

Pickrell Pirates said...

Nice dreds, Matt. I'm diggin' the look.

Derek Linder said...

Matt, just one word... suh-WEET!

Eric & Sarah said...

Love the hair Matthew!