Sunday, July 26, 2009

Disney World!

Our adventures continue! On Friday we spent the day (13 hours!) at Disney World! The kids really enjoyed it, even though we picked one of the hottest days of the month to go! This is my mom and Brennen on the Peter Pan ride. He loved it!
Meadow enjoying the spinning tea cups! We discovered she likes rollercoasters, and even went on Splash Mountain! She said that was the "most funnest" ride!

Meadow's big hope was to see REAL princesses. We went to "Story Time with Belle" (Beauty and the Beast), and she was one of the girls chosen to act out the story as a teacup!
And guess who they picked to be the Beast....William! Ha Ha!
We had a great day, and were so proud of the kids, who were still happy as we left the park at around 11 PM! Logan loved the lights parade, and enjoyed shining his light up toys.

Well, this isn't Disney World, but I had to throw in a picture of Ashlen's first swim! She liked being held upright in the water, but didn't enjoy the "swimming" very much! Today we went to Clearwater Beach on the gulf side, and Ashlen had her first dip in the Atlantic Ocean! Now I really need to take her to the Arctic this summer...three oceans in her first 4 months would be pretty amazing! Although, she wins the award for the WORST traveler of our family! She screams pretty much the whole time we're driving! I'll post about our beach adventure tomorrow.

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