Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Beautiful Beach

Well, this isn't the beautiful beach, but this is to show what we drove through to get there! The whole way we drove in blinding, pouring rain with thunder and lightning right above us.
We finally arrived at Clearwater Beach with fine white sand and 89 degree water!! This was the warmest ocean water I've ever been in! The kids loved it and enjoyed jumping in the waves. Brennen thought the sand was yummy.

Ashlen had a milk picnic, and tried not to get a tan.
Ashlen stepping in the Atlantic Ocean! The sun was too intense so I didn't want to take her swimming.
My handsome surfer dude and David. The storm followed us. See it approaching?
Oops! A blurry picture. The kids all loved taking turns going out into the waves with Auntie Christy!

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TeacherKrista said...

Does Brennan find everything yummy?

Glad you guys are having fun and I love looking at your photos!