Wednesday, July 22, 2009


We are here in Florida thanks to Matthew's parents who are celebrating their 40th anniversary, and decided to take us all on vacation with them! Katie and William and kids are here, and my mom and Christy joined us yesterday, and my dad will be here tomorrow. The temperature has been around 90 and it's fairly humid. Here's Katie trying to read a story to the kids. The cousins were all very excited to see each other! Meadow and Lane are good friends.

For today's adventure we visited a petting farm. It was a pretty big place with all kinds of animals to feed and pet. The kids even got to ride a pony and milk a cow! I didn't get pictures of those unfortunately. Logan didn't want to touch any of the animals, but Brennen did everything! Here we were holding ducklings.
Brennen grabbed the poor thing by the neck!


Julie said...

It looks like you are all having so much fun! It is great to see the family all together! Enjoy your time in Florida! Please tell the whole family "hi" from the Bensons!
God bless you all!

Pickrell Pirates said...

Have a great time! We miss you, but we're super glad you're all having a much needed family vacation.

sixwickerts said...

Great pics Caren, we all like Chris's hat!!! Looking forward to seeing you all when I'm down there probably in Sebring.


Eric & Sarah said...

Looks like you guys are having lots of fun down there. I can't believe how grown up William and Katie's kids are now!
We are in Prince Rupert and having a relaxing time house sitting for our friends
Look forward to seeing you when we all get home again!

Ketchikan Walkers said...

Thanks for posting all the family pictures, you all look like you're having lots of fun and enjoying a much needed vacation. We miss you all! Jenna sends hugs to Meadow.