Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Goin' on Vacation

We left on Friday for a couple days in Seattle, then on to Orlando for 2 weeks!
Meadow had a whole row to herself on the plane. She made sure Giraffe was buckled in too!
The flight attendants gave the kids lots of special attention because they were such good travelers.
Ashlen was very happy on this flight, but on our overnight flight to Florida, she SCREAMED and only wanted to be held standing up! I thought she would never stop! Finally a flight attendant offered to take her for a bit so I (and the poor people around me) could get some much needed sleep!
The boys got their hair cut at Kids Cuts. It's something Logan likes to do in Seattle.
Brennen was very good for his first haircut!
We're in Florida now, and I will keep updating with pictures of our adventures. So, check our blog often and leave a comment so I know who's looking!


Jennifer Caskey said...

My mom is in Orlando right now too!! she just got in this morning for 2 weeks! So wishing I could be there too. Have fun!!!

sixwickerts said...

Have a great time We are sorry we are not going to see you, although Jasen will get to see you I think!Evan screamed on his first flight to Florida too.......

Anonymous said...


Keep a bloggerin' 'cuz we're a follerin' ya'll.

Ken and Bonnie

Enger Adventures said...

Sounds like a great adventure ahead. We are contemplating a trip that direction as well. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

I'm following your blog. But you probably knew that! Hope you have a great time in Florida!

Anonymous said...

Have a great time, after a day of lounging in the sun you'll forget all about the fun plane ride! :)

Robin Moore