Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Fourth of July

We had a glorious sunny day! At the parade Meadow waved her Canadian flag instead! Perhaps she needs a history lesson.

Our friends Josh and Melanie Drenkpohl from Seattle spent the weekend with us. We enjoyed visiting with them, and playing cards and going to the beach. Ashlen patriotically held her flag at the parade. Here she's saying the Pledge of Allegiance. I think she enjoyed her first 4th of July! I wasn't even pregnant yet a year ago. The Clover Pass school bus was in the parade! Pastor Dave walked along side and handed out information.
The kids each got a nice pile of candy!

It was a fun day. We even stayed up for fireworks, which ended up looking like colored light flashing behind a big cloud of smoke and fog! We got an occasional glimpse of the bottom half of a lower firework. The kids enjoyed it anyway!


Pickrell Pirates said...

Your children are hilarious. I laughed pretty hard seeing Meadow waving the Canadian flag. And the picture of Ashlynn is pretty cute. We didn't bother to see the parade this year. I don't think Haddy would have really gotten anything out of it. Next year is my ten year, so I'll probably be riding the float (hopefully NOT drunk).

Anonymous said...

I've been WAITING for you to put the pics on here!!! thanks!! What a fun weekend it was!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

That anonymous post was from me - Auntie Christy!!!! :)