Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Trip Back

Later on Sunday it was time to head back down the mountain to the scorching 105 degree heat of Fresno. Matthew was our brave driver. The road down has sharp turns and a steep drop-off on the side with no guardrail! I should have taken pictures of that part. Our passengers. The kids slept most of the drive and were happy the rest of the time! Logan excitedly pointed out EVERY palm tree!
Christy was the driver of our other car. We finally caught up to her.
Back in Seattle. Meadow named our "very friendly" jet Buster. She was excited to see more "Busters" when we landed.
After overnighting in Seattle, we were bumped off our morning flight, and since we were on mileage tickets, thanks to my parents, We now have 4 free tickets! We may be visiting Hawaii soon!
It was a wonderful trip!


Carson's Page said...

Thats worked out well, looks like you guys had a good trip. You can come here any time and have a place to is hot here though.

gma john said...

What a great idea!