Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Beautiful Sequoia

Here are a few photos to show how beautiful Sequoia is! This is the largest tree in the world-in mass not height. Round Meadow with a nice trail around it that worked for a stroller.
Auntie Katie and Brennen (whom she met for the first time on this trip)
Beautiful scenery to see as we walk down the hill from the lodge.

Meadow loved climbing the big rocks. She was very brave. She seems to have grown up a lot on this trip. One major milestone is that she suddenly became totally potty trained! She stayed dry the whole trip -even on the flights and at night! Logan specialized in getting as dirty as possible! He loved throwing dirt, laying in dirt, and helping Meadow make "nests" (piles of dirt and pine needles). They both enjoyed collecting pine cones and rocks- and our bags came home full of them! (Although we probably weren't supposed to take them. Oh well..don't tell!) (OK Park Service blog spies, our bags weren't really full of pine cones...)

(At least we left the log that Meadow wanted to bring home!)

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Anonymous said...

it was a VERY fun trip to all be together on!!! love the pics too! I stole some of em for my facebook account!!! :)