Tuesday, July 08, 2008

4th of July

We had a fun day. We enjoyed the parade even though it rained a little. The kids collected lots of soggy, sticky candy!
Brennen had fun on his first 4th of July! He loved waving and chewing on his flag.
Logan was wearing his fireman raincoat, so he was excited when the firemen passed out hats, and went by on a smoking house float, which I think was the best one. It didn't look like a truck at all! The crowded street.
Meadow helped me make a flag cookie cake. She did a great job!
Grandpa John and Logan compared fireman suits.

We didn't go see the fireworks because it was too late, but we got our own show- our neighbors lit off tons of fireworks for about 2 hours! The kids had a great view out their bedroom window, and I worried about our trees and roof! I was glad it was raining!


gladbooks said...

Great pictures. I love the patriotic flags, cake and Meadow's dress! Logan's fireman outfit is cute, too. Glad you had fun despite some rain.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures of all the family and festivities. I totally agree with Becky on the costumes, the dress is adorable, and I love the photo of Logan and Grandpa John.

Rosie, Scott and Jenna

Enger Adventures said...

Caren, I saw your comment about getting rotten fish smell out. Not being sure what you need to get the smell out of, I thought I would share a hint that has proved most effective, at least for laundry. Just add a can of regular coke along with your normal detergent and the fish smell will come out of the items. It was a hint shared with me when Mike and I were first married and he was working the fresh side of processing....everything smelled like fish.

Cute pictures too!


gma john said...

HI Debra! Thanks for the info. It'll seem weird to put Coke into the washing machine! Coke's also good for controlling Montezuma's Revenge ... and for shining aluminum or stainless steel or some other precious metal ...

Caren, we need to get Logan and your dad suited up again. Let's have a bon fire in our front yard and let them put it out! Wouldn't that be a kick!!!

gma john said...

I just read the Stewart blog and discovered that perhaps they were the source of the fireworks you enjoyed! Did you see their photos?