Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Seattle Again

On Sunday I (Caren) took Meadow and Logan for a special trip to Seattle, and to pick up auntie Christy and bring her home with us! We had big plans to go up the Space needle and a few other things. When we arrived, we went for dinner to Chuck E Cheese's. Here the kids are riding a video roller coaster, and you can see their faces on the screen.

Unfortunately, the next day I woke up very sick, and spent the day vomiting. (I'm sure you all wanted to know that.) So Christy took the kids to playgrounds and other fun things that they wanted to see, but not the Space Needle. We flew home the next day when I was finally feeling better. The kids took turns sitting by Christy on the plane.
Logan found lots of coins on the trip, and saved them up so he could buy a gumball! So here they're showing their gumballs in front of our jet "Tinkerbell" who flew us home. When we touched down on the runway, Logan patted the wall and said, "Good job Tinkerbell!" I thought that was cute.
The model on the ferry across to town.
That's about all the pictures I took. It was a nice little trip anyway.

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