Monday, July 05, 2010

4th of July

We had a fun day beginning with breakfast and an early service at church, then the parade and festivities in town! It was supposed to be really rainy today, but the sun came out instead!
Ashlen loved watching the parade.
The main highlight for the kids was all the candy they got from the parade, and afterward they had their first cotton candy too.
By the time we arrived at my parents house to spend the afternoon, they looked like this:
Sugar low, I guess!

Another special event happened today, Meadow lost her first tooth! (we think she must have swallowed it.) She was quite excited about it! This is a flag 'fruit pizza' we made.
After a nice dinner cooked by Matthew and fun visiting with friends, we went to see the fireworks. Logan only lasted a few minutes. This is on the drive home. Everyone fell asleep. (all the kids, that is!)
In the morning, Matthew and I are going to try to fly up to Barrow!!!!!!! I hope to finally swim in the Arctic ocean, and see the midnight sun! It will depend on space on the plane. One of the segments is full. We're just hoping a couple people don't show up for the flight so there's room for us, since we fly stand-by for freeeeee!

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Auntie Christy said...

Ohhhhh how I wish I could have been there!! I love seeing the excited looks on their gorgeous faces!!!!!!!

Yet another fantastic 4th of July!!