Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Our Trip

Well, I had hoped this next post would be pictures of Barrow and me swimming in the Arctic Ocean, but alas, our flight to Fairbanks was full so we could not get on. We almost made it but the last 3 people booked on the flight came running to the gate at the last minute. It was a disappointment, but we decided to spend some time in Seattle instead. So, we took the new Light Rail to downtown Seattle. We shopped at Old Navy and Nike, then walked down to Pikes Place Market, which we didn't like much. Then we found the "gum wall". It's a wall along an alley that is covered with chewed gum! We weren't chewing any gum at the time, so we didn't add to it. Isn't it lovely? We decided we'd better not take the kids to see it because Brennen would surely pick some off and chew it!
Then we walked all the way to House of Hong in Chinatown, were we met up with Christy and her man Chris, and our friends Trista and John, for a huge, delicious dinner.We overnighted at Christy's, then returned home today. It was a nice little trip, kid free, but I missed the kids. I think Seattle is more fun with them. We will try for Barrow again at the end of the month hopefully!


joven said...
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katie cooke said...

That gum wall reminded me of something really gross that happened here a while ago. William was playing with some of the children´s home kids in the plaza when he noticed that one of them was chewing gum. When he asked Chepe where he had gotten it he said that Elizabeth had given it to him. When he finally got to the bottom of the story he was very grossed out to find that Elizabeth had found the gum on the ground, chewed it, put it back on the ground and then Chepe had picked it up and was chewing it! Yuk!