Friday, July 02, 2010

Old Yellercopter

Today we got to get up close to Grandpa John's big yellow helicopter. Well, the one he's using for the summer for Forest Service work. Brennen was happy that his Crocs matched it.
They even got to sit inside!
Ashlen enjoyed it too! Then away it went, off to Juneau for the weekend. Even from way back here the wind was strong, as you can see from Meadow's face!


gma john said...

Those are really cute photos and comments. I hope we end up with a helicopter pilot or mechanic in a few years if the Lord tarries ... and a helicopter for him or her to fly or fix.

Anonymous said...

I sure enjoy flying and mountaintops and will miss it a lot when I retire. The kids sure into helicopters! I have been teaching them about the different types. Important gpa stuff to teach the gkids!

gpa john said...

Hey, I'm not Anonymous! I'm gpa john.

Buffalo said...

Those are awesome pics!!!!!! Reminds me of the old pics mom used to take of us when we visited Temsco!!!