Monday, November 23, 2009

Worship Conference

Matthew and other members of the worship team recently attended the Overlake Christian Music Summit in Seattle. It was 2 full days which started out with a worship time led by different Christian artists and song writers, then lots of classes and workshops to choose from. Everyone went to different classes for their instruments, vocal classes, sound system classes, and also ones about playing as a team. Everything was very practical, and everyone learned some new things, but the overall focus of everything was worshiping God. Matthew said he learned the most from a vocal class. Everyone especially enjoyed the worship times. There were 2300 people attending, all great singers and musicians, singing, harmonizing, and really worshiping the Lord together! It sounded amazing, and they all felt like they got a small taste of what Heaven will be like!Here is a picture of some of the group with Paul Baloche. (Krista, Rick, Paul, Matthew, Tiffany, & Carla) Another fun part of it all was hearing and meeting some of the current song writers and musicians such as Paul Baloche (Open the Eyes of my Heart, Above All), Brenton Brown (Hallelujah-Your Love is Amazing, Lord Reign in Me), Brian Doerksen (Come Now is the Time To Worship, Refiner's Fire), Matt Redman (Better is One Day, Blessed Be Your Name), Laura Story (Indescribable), and others. The group was very impressed to find that most of them were very sincere, humble fellow Christians, and it was nice to learn about their lives and families, and the stories behind the songs. Paul Baloche has been one of Matthew's favorites, and many of the new songs we have been singing in church are by him, so Matthew was excited to get to meet him, and invited him to Ketchikan. He said Alaska is the only state he's never been to, so we'll see! Each night ended with a concert with several different groups performing: some of the ones already mentioned, the great guitarist Doyle Dykes, New World Son (which was really fun to watch) and a few others that I've never heard of, but all very good!
Everyone came back very encouraged and excited, and can't wait to go again next year (hopefully)!


David, Jenn, and Abby said...

Looks like a great conference! How neat that they all got to go and be a part of it. I hope that things are going good! Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Hey, glad to hear you all got to go to this conference. I went to a conference years ago put together by Integrity Music and Don Moen was one of the presenters; I'm not too musical but it was just really informative and such a blessing. Again, I'm so glad you all got to go! Missing you guys! Jan