Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Logan and Daddy

We are all happy to have Matthew back after being gone for several days! He went to Seattle over the weekend to attend a worship conference with 10 others from our church. They had a wonderful time, learned a lot, got to meet some of the singers/song writers who have written many of the well known worship songs we sing, and attended some great concerts each night! I'll post more on that later when we get some pictures from other people. He didn't bring a camera. Then he was home one day before leaving again to Metlakatla to finish a tiling job with his dad! They didn't finish in time to get the last flight home, so they had to stay overnight. Thankfully they made it home this morning in between snow squalls!
Logan has been having a hard time with daddy being gone, so today they worked on a project together, putting down non skid stuff on our stairs. Logan really loves helping daddy, and often talks about the things they've done together. Of course he's very happy about the snow too! (Even though it's wet and slushy!)


Anonymous said...

Logan really is a great helper and shows a good deal of potential for being able to do many practical things.

TeacherKrista said...

Caren, that second picture is wonderful!

David, Jenn, and Abby said...

that is a great picture. How cute! Glad you guys are doing good. We should skype sometime soon. Miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

super cute pics!! :) I love that boy!!! :)

auntie Christy